Alabama players safe

27 Apr

A devastating tornado ripped through Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Wednesday. At least 25 people died in the state due to the storm. That number will likely rise. I was amazed by the immediate reaction from people on the ground in Alabama. You witnessed the tornado minutes after it touched down and ripped through the University Mall.

We all witnessed the devastation hours after the storm ripped through the college town. The damage is unspeakable.  The before and after images are stunning.

The Alabama men’s basketball team is safe, according to their coaches. Dave Telep spoke to head coach Anthony Grant via Twitter. I heard from assistant coach John Brannen late Wednesday night.

Phone lines may be down but messages are getting out there via social media. Some members of the team corresponded with family via social media, too.

One Response to “Alabama players safe”

  1. Cdeez April 29, 2011 at 6:28 am #

    Justin Coleman’s home was destroyed. Family safe though. Coleman, a point guard from Birmingham, is perhaps the top 2014 prospect in AL in 2014 class and is listed among ESPNU 100 watch list.

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