If you build they will come, and they come to see The Jimmer

27 Apr

You didn’t have to look closely at the seats this year during the NCAA tournament to notice that most of the bleachers didn’t have patrons in them.

Despite the tournament, attendance for college basketball games was good, according to the NCAA.

Men’s basketball attendance for all three NCAA divisions during the 2010-11 season equaled 32,820,701, the fifth-highest all-time.

Overall attendance for 2010-11 was down about one-half percent from the previous year.

Not surprisingly, Kentucky lead the nation in attendance with 23,603 fans per game. That’s the 15th time in 16 years UK has lead the attendance records, according to the report.

If you’ve ever tried to get a ticket to a Big Ten game, you know how hard it is to buy a walk-up ticket. The reason? How about 35 straight years of leading the nation in conference attendance? Over 2.4 million fans went to Big Ten games last year.

The Jimmer paired with the success of San Diego State have paired for major attendance success for the Mountain West Conference. BYU and San Diego State were 1-2 nationally in average attendance increase, according to the Denver Post.

BYU’s 4,685 leap to 18,714 was credited to national player of the year Jimmer Fredette. San Diego State’s increase of 4,441.

Brigham Young will play in the West Coast Conference next season, which should make for interesting games in smaller venues. Moreover, people aren’t lining up to see Brandon Davies come back from the Honor Code.

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