Change of heart

29 Apr

Terrence Jones had a big ceremony announcing his was Washington bound. He ended up at Kentucky. -

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

Recruiting is never easy. Especially for teenagers. Imagine trying to make a decision that could be the difference of a career making millions or a career that doesn’t go the path you’d imagine it would take you. Decommitments are happening more and more with the top prospects. it has happened again this week.

Kevin Ware has changed his mind from Tennessee to Central Florida and now to, well, who knows? The Georgia guard is widely considered one of the top 75 players in the country. He is also now clinging to the notion of most undecided.

Ware told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that he was opening up his recruitment, again, on Thursday night.

“There’s a lot of stuff going on right now, personal stuff that I don’t really want to speak about right now,” Ware said. “I spoke with my family about everything, and I decided it was time to back off on UCF.”

Ware surprised many when he verbally committed to Donnie Jones and the Golden Knights two weeks ago. His de-commitment from the Conference USA program didn’t come as a big surprise to those that follow recruiting closely. He strongly considered Louisville after asking for his release from Tennessee after Bruce Pearl was fired.

Now, Ware says he the Cardinals and Georgia remain the frontrunners, according to the AJC.

The act of decommiting from a verbal commitment is becoming quite the trend in recruiting.


Eric Gordon from Illinois to Indiana: There isn’t a bigger de-commitment than this one this decade. It will be a recruiting story told for years to come. Bruce Weber still hasn’t fully recovered from losing out on Gordon with the elite level players. Indiana only had him for a year and he struggled in the only NCAA tournament he played in.

Michael Beasley from Charlotte to Kansas State: He followed lifelong mentor Dalonte Hill from the A-10 to the Big 12. Beasley had the greatest single season in K-State history.

Austin Rivers from Florida to Duke: He committed early to Billy Donovan and that made since. The Orlando star was a prime target for the Gators and worked hard to earn the pledge. Then Rivers wanted to experience recruiting. He opened things up and everyone assumed Duke would win out. They did.

DeMarcus Cousins from UAB: Truth be told, he pledged to Mike Davis, not the Blazers. He wanted a guarantee in writing that if Davis were to leave the school, he would be free to leave without reservation. UAB said no. Cousins opened things up.

Terrence Jones from Washington to Kentucky: This one was cold. Jones had a big celebratory press conference announcing his pledge to the Pac-10 school. Minutes after saying he was headed to Seattle, he was on the phone with John Calipari. A month later, he signed a grant-in-aid with Kentucky.

Brandon Jennings from USC to Arizona to Europe: The much hyped guard picked USC as young high school player. Everyone knew he wasn’t sold on the Trojans. He later pledged to Arizona but left for Europe after failing to qualify.

Eric Bledsoe from Ole Miss, Willie Warren from Baylor: These two didn’t even last a day. For Bledsoe, he didn’t even last 30 minutes. The Alabama native called media members to inform them of his commitment. He called back quickly and said, “Um, my bad.” Warren was similar. He gushed about how much he loved the Bears only to call back later in the night and say he jumped too quickly.

The Morris Twins from Memphis (twice): The Philly natives committed, then reneged, then committed again and then pulled out again. After spending another year in prep school, they “settled” on Kansas.

Scotty Hopson from Mississippi State: His pledge to the Bulldogs was a surprise and it wasn’t an industry secret that he and his people were looking around. MSU held strong for the longest only to lose him to the charm of Bruce Pearl.

Josh Selby from Tennessee: It’s all about the shoes. That was the case, at least in good theory, about his changing of his pledge to the Vols. Selby’s recruitment was wild and a decommitment was only one of the many chapters.

What decommitments stand out to you? Discuss on the National Hoops Report Facebook page.

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