#Extension coming for Tim Miles?

18 May

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

I’ve never met Colorado State head coach Tim Miles but I think he’s great. No, sorry, #great.

He’s one of the best head coaches on Twitter because he understands the vehicle that the social media tool is. He tweets regularly, brings you into the world of Colorado State basketball only in a way that a head coach can. You can follow him at @CoachMiles. Over 3,000 people already have.

Miles professes about crane kicks, milk duds, his iPod playlist, what beef jerky is made of, NYC parking breakdowns and  tweet nuggets like this:

Tim Miles, you’re such a tease.

Look away if you don’t want to know what that cryptic tweet was all about.

ESPN’s Andy Katz, an average Twitter user at best, ruins all of the suspense.

Colorado State coach Tim Miles received a three-year contract extension, taking him through the 2016 season, a source with knowledge of the situation told ESPN.com. 

Colorado State is expected to make an announcement Thursday.

Way to ruin all of the fun, Mr. Katz. Nevertheless, Miles is one of the rising coaches in the country that people will be talking more about next year given he has another strong year with the Rams.  His team won 19 games and made it to the N.I.T. in the year of The Jimmer and the greatest team in San Diego State history.

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