Inside the #s: NBA Predraft Combine

27 May

Georgia Tech guard Iman Shumpert was one of the top athletes at the NBA Predraft Combine.

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

The NBA released its information from the NBA Predraft combine. The numbers are interesting to sift through. Who stood out for the right reasons? Who disappointed in the strength, speed and jumping tests?

Top starting vertical jump: Iman Shumpert, 36.5 inches
Top vertical jump: Shumpert, Josh Selby 42 inches
No step jump
: Ketih Benson, JuJuan Johnson 11 feet 9 inches
Maximum jump
: Benson, Johnson 12 feet, 1 and half inches
Bench press
: Derrick Williams, Justin Harper 19 reps
Lane agility
: Norris Cole 10.7 seconds
¾ Court sprint
: Jereme Richmond 3.02 seconds

Worst starting vertical jump: Kyle Singler, 23 inches
Worst vertical jump
: Nikola Vucevic, 25 inches
Shortest no step jump
: Isaiah Thomas, 10 feet, 3 inches
Worst maximum jump
: Jimmer Fredette 10 feet, 5 inches
Worst bench press
: Jon Deibler, 2 reps
Worst lane agility
: Jordan Williams, 12.7 seconds
Worst ¾ court sprint
: Jamie Skenn, 3.46 seconds

Notes on the measurements:

San Diego State’s Kawhi Leonard only sports a 25.5 standing vertical. That’s a bit surprising. He plays bigger because of his length. He also only benches 185 pounds just three times. Leonard is noted as a physical specimen but he’s not the athletic freak that he is perceived to be. His teammate, Malcolm Thomas, also put up the bench just three times. Not good for a power forward.

Georgia Tech’s Iman Shumpert posted the best numbers across the board. He was one of the best leapers in the predraft combine and he was also one of the quickest and most agile guards in the camp. He and Isaiah Thomas of Washington were the most athletic players in the camp, according to the data collected.

Malcolm Lee of UCLA and Shelvin Mack of Butler both lifted the bench 17 times. That’s more than everyone but Derrick Williams and Justin Haper, both big men. Hofstra’s Charles Jenkins was right behind them with 16 reps.

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