Domingo emerging in 2013

9 Jun

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

With the July evaluation period right around the corner, the recruiting pinball machine that Stephen Domingo is currently sitting in is almost at the tightest point in the spring.

Things have been churning up just like the tension in a pinball plunger for the 6-foot-6 and a half junior wing from St. Ignatius High School in San Francisco.

The junior from the Bay Area is ready to be sprung out into the world of college recruiters, who are eager to see him for themselves.

“My game is slowly but surely starting to elevate,” Domingo told the National Hoops Report.

“I won MVP at the Jayhawk Invitational. That was a kicking off point. From there, I went to adidas Nations and that was a great experience. Then Pangos was great. I’m off to the USA camp this weekend. With the combination of all of these things, I feel like that analogy (of the pinball) is on point.”

Domingo was outstanding at the Pangos camp, per the evaluators on the sidelines. ESPN’s Dave Telep said he’s a potential top 25 guy. Domingo was the top 50 game MVP. Evan Daniels of said the long and lanky was “scoring at will.”

So what has been the difference in his game from this season to last season? Simple dedication, he said.

“Last summer, I was consistent but I didn’t have the same mentality that I have right now. Every time I go out on the court, I have to prove something or someone to keep my name out there,” Domingo said. “That’s the mentality that I had in Kansas, last weekend at Pangos, at a bunch of different places. I’m in the gym way more and it has paid great dividends so far.”

Domingo said Cal, San Diego State, San Diego, San Francisco and Memphis have offered him scholarships.

Arizona, Washington, Stanford, UCLA, Washington State, Arizona State, Georgetown, UNLV and several ACC schools, Domingo says, are heavily involved at the moment.

“My coach said when coaches call on the 15th, I’ll get a better feel then (of who is really serious),” he said.

Domingo has visited Cal, Stanford and San Francisco. He said he will visit Georgetown on July 5 unofficially.

“After the events end in August, I’ll take some more visits. I’m just at the preliminary stage right now,” he said.

Domingo’s mother went to Princeton. His father, a Nigerian immigrant, played soccer at San Francisco. The value of education at home is a high priority, he said.

“I need a good balance between basketball and school. One coach told me that Shaq played almost 20 years in the NBA and he’s 39 years old,” Domingo said. “I read somewhere that the average life expectancy is 79 years old. So he’s got 40 years left in his life. What are you going to do with that kind of time? You need to have a plan and fall back on something.”

Domingo doesn’t have a favorite school at this point, he said. Nor is he ready to even formulate a list of favorites. His approach to what’s next is calculated.

“I kind of want to see what schools contact me and really show interest in me,” Domingo said.

“Most of the schools that came and saw me this year only came and watched me because of something that they heard about me. They haven’t really seen me play. That can be loaded in a way. You can hear a buzz about someone and just go and see them. That can be hard on a coach. That doesn’t mean that they are really recruiting you.

“Once I see which coaches seek me out and want to contact me, then I will have a better feel and know which relationships are worth forming. I want to create a relationship with a coach where the feelings are mutual.”


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