Recruiting Rewind: Baylor

15 Jun

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

Over the course of the summer, the National Hoops Report will look back at the six year recruiting record of the BCS conference schools. Who found success? Who missed the mark? Where did the school find the talent? Who emerged as a sleeper? Who fell short of the expectations? NHR looks back in the Recruiting Rewind.

Looking at the Baylor Bears recruiting history from 2005 reveals a couple of interesting trends – there was a class that was built for recovery, a couple that were built for star power and some that failed to live up to expectations.

Overall, the Baylor Bears have landed good talent. The best players, however, over the last six seasons may not be the guys you think they are.

The class of 2005 was an important class. The group played the shortened season and only won four games in the 2005-2006 season. The Bears didn’t play a Big 12 schedule due to the Dave Bliss scandal. It was one of the lowest points in college athletic history.

Scott Drew spearheaded a difficult task of rebuilding the overall perception of the school. He did so by landing an important class in 2005. Curtis Jerrells, Henry Dugat and Kevin Rogers – all Texans – finished their careers as three of the best players in school history. All three were aware of the shortened year and could have easily left for a better situation.

More importantly, the trio help lay the ground work for future top-level recruits to find their way to Waco.

LaceDarius Dunn and Perry Jones may end up being better players down the road, but the 2005 trio was the most important class in the modern Baylor basketball history. Heck, you could even argue that the 2005 class may be the most important in school history, given the circumstances surrounding the program.

Baylor has moved into a new level of recruiting. The staff is landing top notch Texas players (11 total players in this span from the Lone Star State), two from California, two from Louisiana and two from New Hampshire high schools.

The Bears have been balanced position-wise, too. The team has landed seven power forwards, five point guards, four wings, four shooting guards and two centers in this period.


: 0
: 2
: 6
RECORD SINCE 2006: 110-76
: 2

BIGGEST STUD: Perry Jones (2010)
: Josh Lomers (2006)
: Curtis Jerrells (2005)
: John Wall to Kentucky (2009)


1. Curtis Jerrells (2005)
2. LaceDarius Dunn (2007)
3. Perry Jones (2010)
4. Tweety Carter (2006)
5. Henry Dugat (2005)
6. Kevin Rogers (2005)
7. Quincy Acy (2008)
8. A.J. Walton (2010)
9. Anthony Jones (2008)
10. Josh Lomers (2006)

Class of 2005
Player Position State Rank Notes
Henry Dugat PG TX No. 74 Tied BU school record with 64 career wins, top 12 scorer in school history
Curtis Jerrells PG TX No. 101 Four-year starter, one of the greatest guards in school history, led team in scoring & assists all four years
Muhammad Kone PF ID 3-star JC Never made it to Baylor, went to Valpo to play for Scott Drew’s father, Homer
Kevin Rogers PF TX No. 54 Scored over 1,000 points and grabbed 800 rebounds, started for final 3 years
Class of 2006
Player Position State Rank Notes
Tweety Carter PG LA No. 91 1st ever McDonald’s All-American was a two-year starter, one of top 3 point shooters & assist men in school history
Josh Lomers C TX No. 56 Never played more than 18 minutes a game, starter his SR year
Djibril Thiam SF CA No. 93 Transferred to Wyoming, played just 11 games at Baylor
Class of 2007
Player Position State Rank Notes
LaceDarius Dunn SG LA No. 46 Baylor and Big 12 Conference all-time leading scorer with 2,285 career points
Fred Ellis SF CA 3-star Rarely used bench player, redshirted his FR year
Delbert Simpson PF TX 2-starJC Hardly saw time during his two years in Waco
Class of 2008
Player Position State Rank Notes
Quincy Acy PF TX No. 84 Emerged as one of the top bench players in the country as a JR
Anthony Jones SF TX No. 44 Has started 2 of 3 years at Baylor, plays a role in the starting lineup
Artem Valov PF MO 3-star JC Never made it to Waco
Class of 2009
Player Position State Rank Notes
Givon Crump SF NH 3-star Played in 15 games as a FR, transferred to Fresno State
Nolan Dennis SG TX No. 58 Left team as a SOPH, citing medical issues, transferred to North Texas
Cory Jefferson PF TX No. 51 Role player as a FR, took a redshirt year as a SOPH
Mark McLaughlin SG NH No. 76 Left program before ever playing in a game, transferred to Seattle
Dragan Sekelja C Intl. 3-star Bench player transferred to Florida Atlantic
A.J. Walton PG AR No. 138 Started as a SOPH, led team in assists and steals
Class of 2010
Player Position State Rank Notes
Perry Jones PF TX No. 9 Highest rated recruit to ever enroll at Baylor, one of the top FR in the nation
Bakari Turner SG TX 3-star Never qualified, went to JUCO
Stargell Love PG NC No. 149 Struggled to find his role, transferring to get closer to home

5 Responses to “Recruiting Rewind: Baylor”

  1. Fat Georgian Living in Oregon June 15, 2011 at 11:48 am #

    You’ve only been off the circuit for a couple of years, but the elephant in the room is money.
    Did you think Q Miller, Isaiah Austin, and Perry Jones all just wanted to spend their college years at a Baptist college in scenic Waco, with its great weather and charming ambience, playing for a coach that has never developed a single lottery pick or made a Final Four?

  2. texas June 20, 2011 at 11:16 am #

    Never Developed a lottery pick? Ekpe Udoh, does that name rign a bell?

  3. texas June 20, 2011 at 11:46 am #

    Georgian stated that he never developed a lottery pick…If you look Udoh was nowhere to be found in the mock nba draft before he started to play in Baylor…. He went from a defensive player in Michigan to an all around player in Baylor.

  4. la1037 June 21, 2011 at 8:41 am #

    Both Isaiah Austin and Perry Jones families are deeply religious. Baylor has its problems (not claiming otherwise), but some kids like the fact that they can be Christians, have fun, get a great education without getting mocked for their beliefs like at other schools. Parents of these two kids really liked that too. Scott Drew being a amazingly likable coach helps too.

    If it makes you feel better then just keep claiming cheating, but its a cheap accusation.

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