10@10: Pre draft chatter

23 Jun

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

The NBA Draft is tonight and that means 30 young men will become millionaires and projected saviors to the teams that draft them. Here’s what is on my mind less than 12 hours before David Stern shakes hands and poses with players much taller than him.

1. Cleveland should take Kyrie Irving because he’s the best player in the draft. That’s the logical choice by most. I disagree. Derrick Williams going first and taking Brandon Knight at number four allows for more long-term flexibility all the while adding players that can play right away next year. If the team goes with Irving and Jonas Valanciunas, as many expect, the Cavs only have one player that can help right away. Moreover, Knight’s value is being widely undervalued. He’s one of the few players in this draft that I think you can win with. He’s a winner. He’s a big point guard. He can defend. He’s incredibly smart in the locker room and on the floor. He’s young. And ceiling is very high. Why go for one for sure when you can take two? Why isn’t this being discussed more when talking about tonight’s draft?

2. Expect a number of transactions to happen tonight. With a potential lockout looming, teams may only have draft night to make substantial moves for the future. Moreover, with this draft lacking for talent there should be a number of moves out of the top picks. At least, that’s what I think should happen. Whoever lands Kevin Love won the draft. Most likely to be traded? Josh Smith of Atlanta. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Hawks have been wanting to move him for quite some time.

3. I’m not sold on any of the international players in this draft. I don’t see any of them being foundation pieces for teams to build around. I’m only sold Bismack Biyombo as a good role player for the right team. Historically speaking, international players lack for star power.

4. Why isn’t Kenneth Faried being considered as a lottery pick? College rebounders have an easier transition to the NBA than scorers or potential players. And every team in the NBA is looking to improve rebounding. If Biyombo is being considered by teams in the late lottery, why can’t Faried? He’s a much better rebounder and much more proven. We see it every year in the draft. DeJuan Blair was overlooked. People made excuses not to take Paul Millsap. David Lee was a proven rebounder in college but slipped on draft night. Samuel Dalembert is much bigger than Faried but they share a similar trait on the glass. Chuck Hayes has found a niche in the NBA because he’s a rebounder at 6-foot-6. Faried is being undervalued and in a draft with little proven commodities, there is no reason why he can’t be one of the most productive players of this draft.

5. Five guys that I would not draft: The Morris Twins, Josh Selby, Jonas Valanciunas, Jordan Hamilton.

6. Five second round picks that can stick in the NBA: Shelvin Mack, Charles Jenkins, Andrew Goudelock, Jimmy Butler, Nolan Smith.

7. Sleeper team for the most headlines tonight: Charlotte Bobcats. With newly hired general manager Rich Cho, the Bobcats draft No. 8 and No. 19. Cho never had a chance to prove himself in Portland from a draft perspective but he fleeced his current employer for Gerald Wallace, who proved to be the difference for the Blazers and their run to the NBA Playoffs. Do you think Cho will steal away a player the Blazers want at No. 21? You better believe it.

8. My pick for the best dressed on NBA Draft night? Tennessee’s Tobias Harris. He’s a dapper young man and his father’s business ventures are in the fashion world. Worst dressed? Elaborate suits are no longer and the draft lacks for wild personalities this year so my pick is Enes Kanter. He idolizes professional wrestlers. There’s your sign.

9. I can’t wait to hear The Jimmer’s brother rap about being drafted. You know it will happen.

10. I am missing the NBA Draft tonight because I will be without television or internet in the forest for a family vacation with my in-laws, whom I’m love. So why do I feel like I’m the one being drafted by the Cavaliers?

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