Lorenzo Romar ready for the NBA?

23 Jun

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

Lorenzo Romar can recruit. He can put guys in the NBA. We know he can catch fish with his bare hand.

One of those three reasons is why David Kahn probably wants to hire him as the next coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the Washington head coach is on the short list for the open head coaching position, replacing Kurt Rambis.

Romar is a popular coach amongst NBA front offices because of the amount of players he has helped put into the NBA. Brandon Roy, Nate Robinson, Spencer Hawes, Quincy Pondexter, Jon Brockman and Bobby Jones all played under Romar at Washington. Isaiah Thomas and Matthew Bryan-Amaing could be drafted tonight, too.

But is now the right time for Romar to jump ship to the NBA?


Washington basketball is moving back into an interesting era for talent. The Pacific Northwest has produced quite a few top-level prospects over the last six years and Washington has nabbed a good number of them. But times are changing for Romar. He and his staff have established his brand amongst recruits all over the country as one of the premiere places to be in the West.

Romar’s name is a hot one right now amongst the kids. When I was at the Rose City Showcase last weekend, every top prospect from the West mentioned Romar or Washington. The Huskies are a very relevant product amongst players. When you are hot, you have to strike as aggressively as you can.

UCLA is cyclical with recruiting and could be back on the upswing. Arizona is back and in a big way with recruiting and national presence with Sean Miller on board. Washington has, and still is, a powerful product to sell to top recruits.

Minnesota is a bottom-feeder team. If the Timberwolves ship off Kevin Love and bring in Ricky Rubio to rebuild for the future, Minnesota doesn’t seem that attractive now does it? Why would Romar leave a forward-moving program like Washington for a gig in the NBA? Money? Okay, fine. But NBA Coaches of the Year have been fired a year removed from being praised as the top guy in his profession. The League is unforgiving and not very patient.

Romar is well-respected by USA Basketball. He’s well-respected at the college level. But is he the type that can transcend at the NBA level? I’m not sure he, or his personality, is.

Romar is built for college basketball.

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