Goodwin back, big timers still in chase

21 Jul

By Bobby Bancroft
National Hoops Report

With so many great players present, leading the EYBL Finals at the Nike Peach Jam in scoring is a serious accomplishment.  Doing so with limited use of your non-shooting hand?  Well that’s just crazy.

You can call it what you want but Archie Goodwin of the Arkansas Wings Elite did exactly just that last week in North Augusta, S.C.

Goodwin, a 6-foot-5 shooting guard out of Little Rock, hadn’t played for about a month before the start of the tournament due to a dislocated left wrist.  The five-star guard picked up the injury during an All-Star game at the Pangos All-American Camp but never once considered skipping the Peach Jam.

“I really wanted to get back in the groove of things because I haven’t been playing,” Goodwin said.

“This is my first time being back since my injury a month ago.  I just wanted to make sure I got back in the groove of things and get the rust off.”

It’s fair to say that the rust is gone, especially after his final appearance in the tournament, a 76-68 victory over Team Takeover to raise his team’s record to 2-3.  Goodwin scored 30 points in the win, the second highest single game output in the tournament behind Rasheed Sulaimon’s 31 for Houston Hoops earlier in the week.

So how would Goodwin rate his comeback performance?

“I think I played pretty well if I put up 30 points on the number one team in EYBL (Team Takeover),” said Goodwin.

“With that said, I played pretty good and technically speaking my hand is only 50% well.  I think I would have played better if I were 100% but I’m just glad with the way that I played with it on.”

If Goodwin’s performances at the Peach Jam were only at 50%, the rest of the tournament field was more than lucky.

The biggest issue Goodwin had with his wrist was the protective wrap that he was required to wear during games.  The wrap was really affecting the way that he had to shoot the ball.

“It’s affecting it a lot,” Goodwin said about the wrap’s affect on his shot.

“There’s a part in here that sticks up and it hits the ball every time I shoot it.  So I have to try and adjust to that when I shoot the ball and it’s kind of difficult.  So it’s more difficult to shoot it.”

Like so many other of the nation’s top 2012 prospects, Goodwin is taking his time with his recruitment in order to find the best fit for both him and his family.  Goodwin wouldn’t indicate a top list but he did go on to say that Kentucky, Arkansas, Connecticut, Baylor and Memphis were contacting him the most right now.

“All of the schools have contacted me pretty hard,” Goodwin said.

“My list is still pretty long but I plan to cut it down soon.  I think I’ll definitely wait just because I want to make sure it’s the right decision for me for as far as education and athletics and for my family.  If it makes them happy, it makes me happy.

As far as how long he will wait to sign, it looks like Goodwin could be waiting until the spring.

“Waiting for me means waiting until the spring just to make sure that I look at everything that I need to look at and make sure that I take all of my five visits.  Right now Arkansas, Connecticut, and Kentucky would get official visits.”


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