Dennis Rodman did it his way and the hard way

13 Aug

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

Think what you want about Dennis Rodman. He’s unique, a character, a confusing soul, an act, an entertainer, a headline grabber, a rock star, a porn star, a party animal and one of the most impressive rebounders in the history of basketball. All of that is true.

Rodman is a fighter.

There is something to be said about a guy that players like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen fought for to have on his team. And Phil Jackson. And Jerry Buss. And Chuck Daly.

They were on Rodman’s side, more times than not. Why did they fight so hard for a guy like him? Because Rodman was a fighter. He’s been a fighter his whole life. His way of doing things was different than most but he got the job done. And he did it well.

Forget the tattoos or the hair or the feather boa. Forget his demons in the closet for a moment. Rodman was a rebounding machine and a guy that loved defending. We see too many players fall away from these fundamentals with the hope of seeing themselves on the highlight package.

Perhaps Rodman did so, too, but he understood the value of being a role player amongst stars. Jordan and Pippen were powerful enough to win a ring or two on their own but without Rodman on the roster, you have to wonder just how dominant the Bulls would have been without him.

He did it his way. You may not agree with the way he did it. You may not understand it. I know I don’t. But his story is interesting and the job he did is one that demands respect.

His Hall of Fame speech is worth your time to listen. Perhaps you can take a peek into the window of the kind of person Rodman is.


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