Midcourt line now a bonus feature at Matthew Knight Arena

18 Aug

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

Don’t tell Greg McDermott and Creighton this news: The floor at Oregon’s Matthew Knight Arena is finally getting a visible midcourt line.

The Ducks announced on Thursday that the missing half court line will finally be seen. The Ducks beat Creighton in the College Basketball Invitational last season thanks in large part to a backcourt violation with the game tied in game three of the series in the closing minutes. Oregon scored the go-ahead basket and claimed the championship.

From Ron Bellamy of the Register Guard on Thursday:

The surface of Matt Knight Arena has been refinished, with a single three-point line, to reflect the fact that the women have moved back to the men’s distance of 20 feet, 9 inches. And, lo and behold, there is now a mid-court line that can actually be seen, sort of. It’s two shades of brown, to match the floor design,  and stops at either end of the “O” in the middle of the floor, but it’s actually one that’s visible without standing directly on top of it. It should satisfy the critics of last season’s near-invisible line that actually led to a key Creighton turnover in Oregon’s win in the CBI.

I spent the entire season at Matthew Knight Arena last season and the call against Creighton was the only backcourt call all season long in the men’s games. The locals will argue that the line wasn’t, or isn’t, needed.

Yes it is.

The backcourt line is a fundamental part of the game. You don’t see Air Jordan’s without soles, do you?

Shelf the fashion, Ducks. Glad you guys are sticking to the rules. They work.


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