John Wall is Still Breaking Out

12 Oct

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

John Wall is all about the breakout.

He broke out under the Reebok umbrella as a low-profile, mohawked kid in Chicago. Few knew of him when he played at the Rbk U camp.

After that five-day run in Philly, people knew.

He broke out. Big time.

Now as one of the top young players in the NBA (that we WON’T see for a while, ahem…), Wall is also turning into a marketing darling. The Washington Wizard point guard’s new line of shoes is being branded under the “Breakout” theme.

If you remember, Wall was the headline camp counselor at the Reebok Breakout camp and was planned around Wall’s story.

That Breakout theme is still alive and well. Here is his new commercial.

(No this isn’t a paid advertisement but I do wear size 14s and my address is…)

(h/t D.C. Sports Bog)


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