The Midnight Madness that you don’t know about

15 Oct

Junior college teams like Dodge City pack into passenger vans for long drives when other programs are celebrating the start of practice. (PHOTO: Bobby Sibley)

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

Hardcore college basketball fans stayed up late into the night for a peek at their favorite programs on Friday night. Others will gather over the weekend to see concerts, dunk contests, fireworks and dance routines from their favorite programs.

Some are extravagant. Other Midnight Madness events are scaled down. Some teams just practice.

Then there are those college teams that are already playing quietly in empty gyms with part-time air conditioners.

Junior college teams like Dodge City Community College, pictured above, pile into big passenger vans and make their way to important jamborees. A jamboree is an event that features teams from all over the country. It is a simple pairing of teams to gauge where programs are at and a platform for exposure to four-year schools.

According to Dodge City Community College assistant coach Bobby Sibley, there are nine people (big basketball people) in the van in the picture above. There are seven others in another van with the head coach and support staff.

The five-hour drive to Coffeyville Junior College across the flatlands of Kansas is a regular trip for a program like Dodge City.

The only concert going on is whatever plays in the ear buds of the players. The only flashing lights are those of state troopers pulling people over for speeding through the plains. There are no fans here.

Just passenger vans with guys still dreaming of being at a school with the bells and whistles.


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