Tom Izzo, fighter pilot; Draymond Green, ambassador

15 Oct

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

Michigan State never disappoints with Midnight Madness. In fact, I’d argue that the Spartans are the gold standard these days for tipping the season off right.

Tom Izzo has shown up as a Gladiator. He’s repelled to center court from the ceiling. He has driven out in a car. This year he came out in a fight jet. Well, a mini-fighter jet.

Here’s a peek into what was happening in East Lansing on Friday night.

Members of former Michigan State teams were there, including Shannon Brown, MoPete, Mateen Cleaves and others.

Draymond Green, MSU’s energetic and personable forward, has a personality much like Cleaves. Both are engaging and constantly smiling. Green is this decade’s version of Cleaves. That, of course, means Green is entering into rare territory. Does he rank with Magic Johnson and Cleaves as some of the best ambassadors for the program? I’d argue he does. Green will be a guy that shows up every March for interviews whenever Michigan State is in the tournament.

He’ll need to play like Magic, MoPete, Mateen and more this season if the Spartans want to play deep into the tournament. Green doesn’t wow you with amazing bounce or a tremendous jumper. What he does do is produce and make an impact. That’s the foundation of why his future as a Spartan ambassador is so predictable.


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