ACC Media Day: They Said It

19 Oct

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

Media Day is a combination of awesome and palm-to-forehead foolery. Today was Media Day for the Atlantic Coast Conference. Coach K, Roy Williams and the host of new coaches in the league rolled into Greensboro to answer the tough questions.

Wait, tough questions? Forget it. How about questions that generate good quotables? Yeah, that’s better.

My man Jim Young, a distant cousin I’m sure, was posted up at Media Day and checked in with some great quotes from the players and coaches.

With so many new coaches in the league, it was a natural question to ask players for their opinions on the new head men.

Sean Mosley of Maryland tried to explain the makeup of his new coach Mark Turgeon compared to the retired Gary Williams.

“He’s more laid back than coach Williams…until you flip that switch,” Mosely said.

Jason Morris, one of the more astute athletes in the league this year has a pretty good snapshot of new Georgia Tech head coach Brian Gregory.

“The biggest thing that I’ve noticed about him is he can chew out one minute and then the next minute make you laugh.”

Can you compare Sidney Lowe to Mark Gottfried for us Lorenzo Brown? Oh, and can you be honest?

“We see him a lot more than we saw coach Lowe last year — coach Lowe was like a close friend to everybody but coach Gottfried is like a coach and a friend.”

Well, there ya go. Two quality kids think their new coaches are a bit, how do you say, crazy. Another is just glad to have a coach again. Seriously, Media Day is great.

And then there is Mike Scott of Virginia, who showed up with what can only be described as a mini-afro. Some Pulitzer Prize winning journalist asked if his hair would be a distraction. No, seriously. That was a question that led to this from Mr. Scott:

“I don’t think that’s a distraction — our hair. If our hair is a distraction, then we have more problems.” –

Good answer, kid.

And what about a tweeting Coach K? Jay Bilas is a Twitter Hall of Famer. Can we see K blasting out lyrics to Lil Wayne (or KRS-One because K is old school) any time soon?

“My players tell me that I should get on Twitter. They say ‘You’d have a lot of followers.’ I said, ‘I only want the 12 of you to follow me.’ “

Typical K response, right? That’s fine.

Ah, yes, Media Day. You never let us down.


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