NHR Top 100: #50 Peyton Siva, PG, Louisville

21 Oct

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

Number 50 – Peyton Siva, PG, Jr., Louisville

Can I coin a nickname? Big Game Siva. I think I just coined it. Right there. You saw it. There it is. Big Game Siva.

That’s what he is. We saw it last year in the Big East tournament, where he helped the Cardinal make it to the championship game. He was great during the week in New York. His entire game was on point.

Grab your stop watch and time him from baseline to baseline – he’s one of the best in the nation. Speedy and springy, Siva has the tools to be a game-changer. The Seattle native uses those traits in the big games, hence the nickname.

Consistency has been an issue with him, though. While great in the big game, Siva can be a non-factor sometimes in games that don’t hold nearly as big of an importance. That has to change if he wants to be considered amongst the nation’s elite of elite.

Nevertheless, when picking a team of best players in the country, Siva is a high choice from the point guard position.

2010-2011 STATS: 9.9 ppg, 3.1 rpg, 5.2 apg, 2.9 TO, 27.2% 3PT

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