Needed changes coming to recruiting

22 Oct

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

The recruiting model for college basketball needed a change in a bad way. A change could be coming by the end of the month.

Evan Daniels breaks down what changes could be coming. So does Dave Telep and Brian Snow.

For the most part, I agree with most of the changes. Almost all of them are for the good and make sense for all parties involved in the recruiting process.

Here’s what I like:

  • Unlimited calls, texts, email, Skype communication, Twitter and Facebook messages beginning June 15th of a prospect’s sophomore year
  • Coaches can contact players during the July evaluation period
  • Schools will be able to host players for official visits beginning January 1 of a player’s junior year
  • Travel expenses for said official visits will be paid for the player and two parents or legal guardians
  • The April evaluation period will be open again to recruiters, sort of. Many believe that there will be two weekends from Friday to Sunday that will be open for coaches to evaluate.

Here’s what I don’t like:

  • It is suggested that July will be re-opened to three four-day periods, equaling 12 days.

We’ve seen the transfer list grow and grow over the last decade. We have over 400 players moving on from schools. Why? Lack of communication, that’s why.

Less evaluation time has led to bad judgment calls on the part of coaches. Players that just aren’t good enough go to levels that are just unrealistic. That happens no matter the amount of days of evaluations, though. It is happening more because of the lack of time coaches can actually evaluate.

Another reason why the transfer list is growing goes far beyond the hardwood. That’s where the changes that are proposed to take place are so very good. There is an emphasis on communication. And not just with the coaches to the player. There is an emphasis on communication on all parties involved.

Let’s start at the top.

The fact that coaches can have unlimited communication with players is the key. The days of recruiting players are long over. Talent doesn’t mean nearly as much as it used to. There is a need to recruit student athletes and good people and people the can co-exist. Ground breaking stuff, isn’t it?

The current model of recruiting doesn’t allow for quality personality evaluations. We see players committing within hours of receiving a scholarship offer that was tendered just hours after a coach watched a player for the first time.

That’s like asking a blind date for a hand in marriage. Hello divorce court!

Unlimited communication allows for both parties involved – the player and the coach – to determine whether or not a second date is needed. The communication allows a player to say “You know what, this coach is great at getting my attention but lacks the teaching that I’m looking for.” The communication allows the coach to say “You know what, this kid won’t be able to communicate with my head coach.”

There has to be a personality evaluation in recruiting. This model bridges that gap that has been missing.

Moreover, the paid trips for the player and the parents/guardians is huge. I’ve always argued that this is a missing piece of recruiting. How are parents affording five trips to colleges with their players? We see student athletes bounce around America’s airports all fall long by themselves (at times) while mom, dad and/or guardian are getting updates from afar.

This could also eliminate improper benefit issues that we see pop up on occasion.

Moreover, this new rule makes coaching staffs really evaluate if they want to bring a player on campus with two extra people. We are talking about diving into a budget now. Decisions get altered when you bring the budget into the picture.

Perhaps my only disagreement with the proposed changes is the July period. Twelve days, fifteen days, 20 days, zero days – the actual amount of days is moot. Events are still happening. When April was closed to coaches, more events popped up.

I agree that the end of July is a waste. Players are shot. Coaches are tired of traveling. The media, well who cares about us anyways in July? But events will still happen. Why? Because we live in America and there is money to be made.

Limiting days in July protects college coaches and gets them off the road. Fine. But players that can be evaluated are still playing. If a coach wants to spend his school’s budget money to be there, he should be able to be there.

Small argument, really, this July period. The fact of the matter is this: changes are coming and that’s a good thing.

These changes will be voted upon on October 27 by the Leadership Council.

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