Laettner is still the villain

25 Oct

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

There are some people that are just meant to be villains. Christian Laettner is one of those guys. And the bad guy won a lot of wars in the early 1990s for the Duke Blue Devils.

He historically crushed the Unforgettables, aka the 1992 Kentucky Wildcats, in the NCAA tournament.

And on Monday night, Laettner showed up in Lexington to face a raucous crowd inside Rupp Arena to coach a team of perceived villains in a game against former UK greats. Laettner’s team won, much to the dismay of the Big Blue faithful.

The former Duke great heard the boo birds. And like a great evil villain, Laettner gave even more reason for the hatred after the game.

“They should be mad at me for what I did to their team,” Laettner told Jerry Tipton of the Herald-Leader. “… The average everyday person loved that (UK) team.”

But there was a moment when Laettner was likable. Remember, for a moment. He brought a towel out to the floor and wiped up the hardwood.

John Clay writes:

Laettner went to the very spot on the floor where he hit that shot and ask for the ball.

The crowd laughed, and cheered, and booed.

Someone asked Laettner what he thinks of every NCAA Tournament when they play that shot over and over and when he sees that shot from so many years ago?

“I love it,” said Laettner.

There was a fan, as Tipton reports, that yelled out the typical “You suck, Laettner.” Not surprising. He probably hears that every day of his life.


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