10@10: Scariest people involved with basketball

31 Oct

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

Happy Sugar Day, folks. Since it is Halloween, we thought it would be a good time to bring back the 10 at 10 feature. With that in mind, who are the 10 scariest people involved with college basketball? If there is a player, coach, official, etc., not on this list, post your suggestion in the comments section below.

Reeves Nelson, UCLA – Matt Fultz, our SEC editor, nailed it on this one. “Dude always seems to have a black eye, and look fresh out of a bar fight. Not sure how scary he really is, but he falls into the category of guy I wouldn’t want to mess with category.” That category certainly suffices. Nelson was an easy choice.

Yancy Gates, Cincinnati – “(He) scares the hell out of me,” writes our Big East editor Bobby Bancroft, “because of his size and play. At 6-foot-9, 260-pounds, he’s a load that knows how to use his body.” Gates wins the future bouncer award on this Halloween.

Anthony Davis, Kentucky – For starters, he’s one of the most unique players in the game. And by unique, I mean “the most talented, most complete”. That’s what Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports wrote after a conversation with a NBA scout. I think he’s scary because he kinda of looks like Count von Count.

Frank Martin, Kansas State – When your Sports Information Department has four emotions of your facial expressions on the media guide, you know you’ve made it to the scary Hall of Fame. Martin may be maniacal on the sidelines but he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet off it.

Renardo Sidney, Mississippi State – One minute he’s fighting in the stands. The other, he’s being chastised for his weight issues. The next, he’s being debated about just how good he is on the court. If and when it can all come together, he can be scary good. If he continues his erratic behavior, it is scary to think what can become, too.

Jared Sullinger, Ohio State – The gentle giant is a horrendous singer. We all know that. That’s scary enough. But a trimmer and slimmer Sully? Now that’s scary. Good luck, Big Ten, trying to defend him this season. He’s going to be a bully.

Buzz Williams, Marquette – Horrendous singer, part two. But he knows that. I suppose that takes some of the scare away. Buzz is a wild man on the sidelines and abuses his vocal chords all year long. Like Martin, a crazed man on the court but a gentleman off of it.

Doug Sirmons, referee – What? You don’t know the name? How about this then…he called more technical fouls of any official last year. How about 57 T’s in 80 called games. That’s only 22 more than the next guy. Hey, Doug, why so serious?

Hoop King, super video trainer – This bro is a sample of just how bad the game has gotten. There are “trainers” and “skill developers” every where these days. Kids, find the good ones. Stay away from those that grunt.

Bob Knight, the scariest of all – We could post Bob Knight videos all day and not have enough examples of why he’s the CEO of Scary. Perhaps my favorite clip of Bobby Knight is his answer to questions that we, the college basketball world, are posing right now. We are forecasting the season. Knight was asked to forecast about the next year during the NCAA tournament. Knight nailed it.

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