Kevin Durant, super cool human

1 Nov

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

With the NBA in lockout, the game’s best rising superstar is doing what any other 20-something should be doing this time of year. He’s on a college campus, hanging out with the co-eds and playing flag football.

After tweeting his boredom and wanting to play flag football, a very aware Oklahoma State student reached out to the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar and made it happen.

Before you know it, Durant was picking up George Overbey and they were off to the football field. Durant, as you can imagine, was awesome. He caught four touchdowns and had three interceptions. (I’ve already put a waiver request for him in my fantasy football league.)


At around 10 there were a solid 100 people there, but still no sign of KD. Then, in typical KD fashion, he pulls up in his “party van” with about 3 of his buddies at about 10:07ish. He gets there, people freak out, he puts on a sigma nu jersey that the guys made for him with a 35 on it, puts on his bball (i guess they dont make KD’s for fball) shoes, and then he plays the whole game. He played quarterback and his first play he threw an interception and his second pass he through a touchdown. The rest of the game he did awesome.. caught interceptions, he threw incredible spirals…he was the star of the show. Faster than everyone, jumped higher than everyone.. i mean, it’s exactly what you would expect from an NBA all star playing with a bunch of frat dudes. Whenever one of the guys would do something good or there was a touchdown they would all run and do that chest bump thing with him.. ya know the one that him and Russell always do? IT. WAS. AWESOME.”

After the game, Durant called out LeBron, who has famously said he would like to try his hand at the NFL if the lockout doesn’t get settled. LeBron obliged the offer.

Now fans are tweeting Durant with details of their flag football games all over Big 12 campuses. Durant may show up, you never know. He may even bring LeBron with him.

Seriously, is there a more marketable player in the game right now than KD?

Hey George, if you ever want to intern with the National Hoops Report, you have a spot waiting. Bring that Durant kid with you.

(h/t The Big Lead)

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