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Don’t sleep on these SEC sleepers

27 Oct

Auburn's Frankie Sullivan is back from injury and the Tigers need his scoring right away. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

By Matt Fultz
National Hoops Report

With so much talent in the SEC this year, there are bound to be players that slip through the hype cracks and rise up. Here are five players that you have to keep your eyes on this year. Continue reading

Hi, my name is… The top 5 SEC freshmen

26 Oct

Bradley Beal is one of the instant impact rookies in the SEC this year. (PHOTO:

By Matt Fultz
National Hoops Report

The SEC is loaded with instant impact freshmen this season. Who are the cream of the crop? We look at the fantastic five. Continue reading

NHR Preseason All SEC teams

24 Oct

By Matt Fultz
National Hoops Report

The SEC has some of the top teams in college basketball this season. With that, some of the nation’s best players are in the league, too. The National Hoops Report rolls out our preseason picks for all-conference in the league. Continue reading

NHR Preseason All Big 12 teams

19 Oct

By Sam Duren
National Hoops Report

The Big 12 has always been home to some of college basketball’s most exciting and entertaining players in the country. Does the league have that same kind of player power this year? We’ll see. Here’s a look at the top players in the league in the National Hoops Report Big 12 All-Conference teams. Continue reading

NHR Preseason All Atlantic 10 teams

18 Oct

By Brian Flinn
National Hoops Report

The season is less than a month away so it is time to roll out our preseason All-Conference teams. We get started with the always competitive Atlantic 10 Conference. Continue reading

National Hoops Report All-American Teams

17 Oct

By the National Hoops Report team

With the 2011-2012 college basketball season upon us, it is time to reveal the National Hoops Report All-American team. Continue reading

2011-2012 Preseason NHR All-Senior Team

14 Oct

By Bobby Bancroft
National Hoops Report

It’s a dying breed in college basketball.

College seniors with serious NBA aspirations aren’t nearly as prevalent as they used to be even 10 years ago.  That being said, if there was ever a year to stick around and exhaust that final year of eligibility, this is the year with the NBA Lockout possibly ruining the entire pro season.  Selfishly as college basketball fans, it’s great news to see the best player stick around for as long as possible, no matter what the reason.

The NHR All-Senior team consists of four year starters, late bloomers, and even a prized recruit that has unfortunately spent far too much time on the sidelines due to injuries. Continue reading

2011-2012 Preseason NHR All-JuniorTeam

13 Oct

By Bobby Bancroft
National Hoops Report

In college basketball, the recent rule of thumb as been the younger the better.  While that does hold true for the most part, there are talented upperclassmen all over the board.

College basketball fans need only go back to last season to see just how valuable juniors can be to post-season success.  Kemba Walker, who entered Connecticut with enormous hype as a freshman, didn’t finally break out until his junior season when he lead the Huskies to an undefeated postseason that resulted both a Big East and NCAA Title. Continue reading

2011-2012 Preseason NHR All-Sophomore Team

12 Oct

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

The sophomore class of college basketball is loaded with stars at all levels. At the top of the class, there are a number of clear-cut superstars in the class. Two of the nation’s best players are sophomores. One of the fastest rising stars in the nation is a sophomore. Perhaps the most versatile player in the nation and one of the best “upside” prospects are both sophomores.

The class is loaded. Here is who the National Hoops Report team thought were the five best of the class. Continue reading

2011-2012 Preseason NHR All-Freshmen Team

11 Oct

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

There are fewer things in college basketball that get fans riled up as much as incoming freshmen. They can do no wrong, in the eyes of the rooters. There are, at times, impact rookies that can change the dynamic of a team and lead a program deep into the NCAA tournament.

There are some freshmen that take the nation by storm in their only year of collegiate hoops. There are others that use year one in college to spring board them into several other years of greatness as an amateur. Continue reading