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2011-2012 Preseason NHR All-Freshmen Team

11 Oct

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

There are fewer things in college basketball that get fans riled up as much as incoming freshmen. They can do no wrong, in the eyes of the rooters. There are, at times, impact rookies that can change the dynamic of a team and lead a program deep into the NCAA tournament.

There are some freshmen that take the nation by storm in their only year of collegiate hoops. There are others that use year one in college to spring board them into several other years of greatness as an amateur. Continue reading

China trip allows Duke to find identity with deep roster

9 Aug

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski sat down with the media on Tuesday to talk about his team’s two-week trip to China and Dubai. He tackled just about everything. Perhaps the thing he talked about the most is the thing that we, the basketball world, already knew – Duke is stacked. Continue reading

The future: ACC

10 May

Austin Rivers was once a Florida commit. Now he's a potential one-and-done player for Duke.

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

The ACC is no stranger to landing big-time talent. This year is no different. Some of the nation’s top players are headed to the usual places in the ACC. Who are the top players? Who are the biggest sleepers? Who is most likely to be a bust? The National Hoops Report tackles those questions. Continue reading

Change of heart

29 Apr

Terrence Jones had a big ceremony announcing his was Washington bound. He ended up at Kentucky. - OregonLive.com

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

Recruiting is never easy. Especially for teenagers. Imagine trying to make a decision that could be the difference of a career making millions or a career that doesn’t go the path you’d imagine it would take you. Decommitments are happening more and more with the top prospects. it has happened again this week. Continue reading

Class of 2011 top 50 rankings

18 Apr

Picking the top player in the class of 2011 is no easy task. Watch Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers long enough and your pros and cons probably weigh out. After watching both players last week in practice and examining their work in the Jordan Brand Classic and thumbing through my notes on both guys, it came down to one simple question.

Which player will be better when it is all said and done? Continue reading