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The best of the new faces

31 Oct

Iowa State is loaded with transfers. Will be enough to get the Cyclones to the NCAA tournament? (PHOTO: Bill Neibergall)

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

The transfer list gets bigger and bigger every year. For some programs, a transfer could add an instant impact and experienced player. Today we look at the best transfer in each of the power conferences. Continue reading

Projecting the Big 12

19 Oct

By Sam Duren
National Hoops Report

The Big 12 enters into the first season of 10 basketball teams, a strange place to be for one of the most successful and entertaining leagues of hoop over the last decade. How will the league play out? The National Hoops Report gives a swing at predicting the league. Continue reading

Wisconsin: Sleeper state for HS talent

18 Jul

By Danny Hazan
National Hoops Report

When running through a list of high school hoops hotbeds, one may rattle off 10 different states before considering Wisconsin.

But these days that would be a gross oversight, and if the classes of 2013 and 2014 are any indication, the state formerly known nationally for it’s cheese and Brett Favre will have a new reputation among basketball fans. Continue reading

Inside the Big 12: June 23

23 Jun

By Sam Duren
National Hoops Report

This week’s Inside the Big 12 is a recruiting project for the month of July. What is the plan for the programs in the conference? What players have been offered? What players are on the watch list? Also, who is the commit of the week and who is the recruit of the week? Sam Duren knows. Now you do to. Continue reading

Summer school: Iowa State

22 Jun

By Sam Duren
National Hoops Report

With the July recruiting period right around the corner, college coaches are shifting their focus to recruiting. The July period marks the first time coaches can see high school players in person against equal level competition. What’s going on in the Big 12? The National Hoops Report will take a look at the recruiting landscape of all of the teams in the conference. Today, we look at Iowa State. Continue reading