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Dominic tipping: What’s next for the Bruins, Horns & Cats

26 Jul

Was does the commitment of Dominic Artis mean to several other top notch programs? PHOTO: SilverAndBlueSports.com

By Brian Flinn
National Hoops Report

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Over the weekend one of the top point guards in the class of 2012, Dominic Artis, gave his verbal pledge to attend UCLA. So how does this effect Kentucky, Texas, and even St. Johns? Let’s take a closer look. Continue reading

Slow? Maybe. Talented? No question. 5-star breaks down fellow 5-star.

22 Jul

By Bobby Bancroft
National Hoops Report

Last week during the 2011 EYBL Finals at the Nike Peach Jam, everybody was evaluating talent.  College coaches, scouts, and members of the media invaded the Riverview Park Activities Center in North Augusta, South Carolina to check out the best high school basketball players in the country.  Nobody left the event without some sort of opinion as to who the best players were and why they were so successful.

Even the players chipped in with their evaluations of other players. Continue reading

All Peach Jam team

20 Jul

By Bobby Bancroft
National Hoops Report

With four games going on at all times inside one building, the EYBL Finals at the Nike Peach Jam is a dream come true for college basketball coaches, fans, and would be talent evaluators everywhere.  The only unfortunate part is the inability for any one person to see every player an equal amount of time.  Given that constraint, a starting five must be picked, no matter how difficult it may be to leave off certain players.  Without further adieu, here we go: Continue reading

Peach Jam: Kyle Anderson breaks down his finalists

12 Jul

By Bobby Bancroft
National Hoops Report

After taking in the first session of the 2011 EYBL Finals at the Nike Peach Jam, it was clear to see who the most unselfish player on the court was.  It was Kyle Anderson.  Continue reading

Inside the SEC: July 12

12 Jul

By Matt Fultz
National Hoops Report

College coaches are bouncing around the country recruiting this month. Where did coaches from the SEC go and who did they watch? We know. A big transfer, a coaching move, a big injury and a new name all highlight this week’s Inside the SEC. Continue reading

LJSA: Coach X’s top wings

9 Jul

By Coach X
For the National Hoops Report

Coach X was a camp counselor at the LeBron James Skills Academy from start to finish and spent time with the 80 players at the Nike event more than anyone in the media. He worked with the players in drills, coached in the games and picked their brains when the cameras were gone and the throng of reporters were not in the picture. Here are his thoughts on the wings that stood out to him. Continue reading

Gentleman, start your recruiting

5 Jul

Decisions made over the next week and a half can be the difference between a trip to the NCAA tournament or your pink slip. (Photo: ESPN.com)

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

I am back from my long vacation and boy do I have a long list of catching up to do. Let’s get right to it. Continue reading