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What’s in store in the Big South Conference?

3 Nov

Can Matt Dickey and the UNC Asheville team keep the magic working? (PHOTO: UNC Asheville)

By Kevin Easley
National Hoops Report

The Big South Conference is an underrated league with good teams and great coaches. Winthrop University dominated the conference for nearly a decade but now there has been a changing of the guard. Teams like Coastal Carolina, UNC Asheville, VMI and Liberty have started to make their presence felt.

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#Dunkage: That’s just the way it is

19 Oct

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

Keith Hornsby, the son of musician Bruce Hornsby, is a freshman at UNC Asheville this season. And he can get up. Not a surprise, really. Have you ever watched the Piano All-Stars Hoops Challenge on MTV7? The old man had game.

The younger Hornsby and Matt Dickey, a buzzer-beater extraordinaire, did their thing during UNC-Asheville’s Midnight Madness.

The Doghouse should be rocking this season as Eddie Biedenbach’s team is a favorite to win the Big South this season. The team opens up at North Carolina in Chapel Hill.