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Welcome back, Hummel

31 Oct

Twenty months after last playing for Purdue, many are wondering what player Robbie Hummel is when he steps onto the floor for the first time this year. (PHOTO: Big Ten Network)

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

There are guys in college basketball that everyone seems to pull for. Robbie Hummel is one of those guys.

Maybe it is his floppy hair or aw shucks niceness of a good Midwestern kid. Or maybe it is because he plays basketball “the right way”, as the purists will often say.

Or perhaps it is because he’s been away from college basketball for 20 months and you just want to see one of the good ones overcome things that most people don’t even mess with – a rigorous rehab of back-to-back knee surgeries before assuming the role of team leader of a team that is looking to get back to the NCAA tournament. Continue reading

Just a Minute: July 8

8 Jul

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

Day two of the July evaluation period is in the books and the under the radar guys are emerging, the head coaches are in Akron, a power broker pulls a bold move and one hard-working assistant coach was given a not-so-nice gift for a July birthday present. Continue reading