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Just a Minute: July 8

8 Jul

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

Day two of the July evaluation period is in the books and the under the radar guys are emerging, the head coaches are in Akron, a power broker pulls a bold move and one hard-working assistant coach was given a not-so-nice gift for a July birthday present. Continue reading

Summer school: Baylor

22 Jun

By Sam Duren
National Hoops Report

With the July recruiting period right around the corner, college coaches are shifting their focus to recruiting. The July period marks the first time coaches can see high school players in person against equal level competition. What’s going on in the Big 12? The National Hoops Report will take a look at the recruiting landscape of all of the teams in the conference. We start with Baylor. Continue reading

Recruiting Rewind: Baylor

15 Jun

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

Over the course of the summer, the National Hoops Report will look back at the six year recruiting record of the BCS conference schools. Who found success? Who missed the mark? Where did the school find the talent? Who emerged as a sleeper? Who fell short of the expectations? NHR looks back in the Recruiting Rewind.

Looking at the Baylor Bears recruiting history from 2005 reveals a couple of interesting trends – there was a class that was built for recovery, a couple that were built for star power and some that failed to live up to expectations.

Overall, the Baylor Bears have landed good talent. The best players, however, over the last six seasons may not be the guys you think they are. Continue reading