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Peach Jam: All eyes on us

12 Jul

By Bobby Bancroft
National Hoops Report

Which coaches were at the big games on Tuesday morning at the EYBL Championship at the Nike Peach Jam? The National Hoops Report knows. Continue reading

Just a Minute: July 8

8 Jul

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

Day two of the July evaluation period is in the books and the under the radar guys are emerging, the head coaches are in Akron, a power broker pulls a bold move and one hard-working assistant coach was given a not-so-nice gift for a July birthday present. Continue reading

Is it too late to get on the Cody Zeller band wagon? If not, I want a seat.

7 Jun

Cody Zeller should help Indiana right away. Can he handle the big expectations placed upon him?

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

I was in the rankings business for quite a while. Truth be told, I never really liked the process of ranking players. I never fully understood the end goal of it. I enjoy the process of comparing opinions on players but we, as an industry, always miss in both on the good and on the bad.

I suppose that is why we do it.

Even when we, the rankers, publish the lists that fans love, there are guys that will always do better than their positive projection. And then there are times when we just whiff. Continue reading