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Trick shot prospect picks Pokes

2 Jun

By Justin Young
National Hoops Report

Kyle Singler is the king of the college basketball trick shot. Sorry other candidates. He made a shot from atop the Duke Chapel. That’s impressive. Admit it. It is. Game over.

Now that Singler is graduated from Duke, his crown is up for the taking. Here’s a guy worth keeping your eyes on, trick shot prognosticators: Adam Wing.

Wing, a 6-foot-4 guard from Rowan County (Ky.) committed to Oklahoma State this week, according to my man Jody Demling. He is a quarterback on the football team and committed to Marshall prior to picking the Pokes.

Wing is a master of his own little trick shot universe.

His fundamentals are strong. He relies a little too much on the ladder. Overall, though, he’s a nice prospect with a lot of upside. Travis Ford may have a sleeper trick shot maker.